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Watch the pros and you know -

Golf is a game that is made for walking.

Pros can afford personal caddies to carry their clubs for them every day -

Now you can too!

Introducing - ElektraStride

The world's first affordable battery powered golf caddy.

Walk for fun and health! Save on cart fees - pays for itself, while you play in style!

GOLF: Pure And Simple

Get great exercise walking without the strain of carrying or pulling your bag. You'll feel better after walking - breathe in the clean air and enjoy the course more!

Your speed and quality of play increases. After each shot you walk right to your ball, with your clubs by your side. Your game improves with extra time to think about your next stroke and get a feel for the course. Using the ElektraStride lets you concentrate on your game without worries or distraction from other players.

Take it with you anywhere - the ElektraStride folds down in just 60 seconds and can fit in even the smallest cars.

ElektraStride is solidly engineered, with a lightweight design made to be gentle to the turf - even less impact than a golfer's foot. Cart Path Only? Not for ElektraStride!

Play like the pros do - Enjoy golf as it was meant to be played ...

Confidently Walking - ElektraStriding.

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